Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together "Welcome Instructions" that you might find helpful to have prior to your visit. It is in a downloadable PDF format. Download PDF


The follow are some of the frequently asked questions.

1) Will anyone else be there during our rental?

We will not rent any other of the rooms that you are not using to guests outside of your party while you are there. It is yours exclusively. There is staff that works with the horses daily, and depending on when, there may be some landscapers, but no one else inside but you and your party.

There are two other private vacation homes on the 100 acres. They may used during by their owners during your stay, but they are almost a mile away from the farmhouse.

2) Do you furnish pots and pans?


3) Can we bring our pet?

We only allow dogs and only if they are well behaved. We do not allow cats.

4) Do you provide someone to cook?

No. Preparing meals are your responsibility.

5) What is the maximum capacity?

If you rent the base package farmhouse and add on both of the other available rooms, there are 8 beds/sleeper sofas. However, some guests also bring inflatable mattresses and sleep on the couches (there are 4). We have had groups with as many as 20 people. That would be the max, and it would be a bit tight. The most comfortable maximum size is 14.

6) Is there swimming nearby?

There is a small lake on the property with a pavilion and beach. You are welcome to use this. However, this is a shared resource with the two other private vacation homes.

There is also a very nice public pool about 15 minutes away in the town of Youngsville. It's a slice of the local life with a scenic mountain view.

7) Are there any added costs?

The rental fee is all inclusive with the exception of fire wood. We allot a reasonable amount for each guest. But if you would like to use more, we ask for reimbursement.

8) What is the kitchen like?

The kitchen is one of the best parts of the place. It was designed for those who like to cook - good light and ample counter space. There is also a very large granite table in the kitchen that seats ten.

9) Is there camping?

Yes, you can camp in a number of locations on the property. We just need to know about it first.

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