37441 Route 6
Spring Creek, PA 16436
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Galloping Inn is located on Pennsylvania's Route 6 approximately 45 minutes southeast of Erie, Pa. in the town of Spring Creek.

We are 20 miles west of Warren, PA, 25 minutes southeast of Peak and Peek and 30 minutes south of Chautauqua.

From Cleveland, OH.

Approximately 2.5 hours from downtown Cleveland. Travel Rt. 90 East to the sixth Exit in PA, which is exit 24 (the one right after I79). Here you are about 50 minutes from the Inn. This exit offers a wide variety of restaurants and fueling stations

Take Rt. 19 South (Peach St/Waterford) to Rt. 97 South to Historic Waterford. Continue on Rt. 97 south until it ends at Rt. 8 in Union City. Take a right on Rt 8 south. You will only be on the route for 2/10 of a mile. Immediately after crossing the railroad tracks, take a left on Rt 6 East to Corry. From Union City to Corry is about 15 minutes.

An alternative Route is to exit I90 on Route 6...and simply, take that the whole way. It's about 10-15 minutes longer, but in our opinion, it's a more scenic route.

When you first arrive in Corry, you'll see a McDonalds on the right. Behind the McDonalds in the shopping center is a store that is your last available stop for wine/spirits. Across from the McDonalds is the drive-thru Beer Barn. This is the last beer distributor before the farm. (You cannot buy beer in stores in PA - although you can at bars). The Galloping Inn is exactly 9 miles east of Corry (from Wal-Mart - set odometer at this landmark).

The Galloping Inn is on the right hand side of RT 6. Start looking for us after you pass a restaurant of the left called the "Rustic Log Cabin".

From Pittsburgh, PA.

Approximately 2.5 hours from downtown. Travel Rt.79 north to Meadville's Rt.6/19 Exit. Take 6/19 north to Rt. 27. Take Rt. 27 North to Rt. 77. Take Rt 77 east and then Rt. 426 north for two miles to Corry. Go east on Rt. 6, and The Galloping Inn is approximately 11 miles East of Corry on the right hand side.

From Jamestown, NY.

Take Rt. 957 West to Rt. 958, Turn onto Rt. 958 South to Rt. 6. Turn right (west) on Rt. 6 and travel one-half mile. Spring Valley is on the left hand side.

Contact Us Phone: 216.402.9357

37441 Route 6
Spring Creek, PA16436
Galloping Inn